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When does my filter need service or changing?

When the water flow from the system noticeably reduces, it may be due for service or simply need to be cleaned and scrubbed, such as a ceramic cartridge. As part of our customer service, we send you a reminder to advise when your system is due for maintenance. Rule of thumb is usually about once a year for the average family household using carbon filters.


What happens when I leave my filter unused for a period of time?

If normal use of the filter is interrupted by holidays for example, the growth of a harmless heterotrophic bacteria may result in a ‘flat; or ‘stale’ taste for a period of time when the use of your filter resumes. The solution is to flush the Filter System for several minutes after any prolonged period of inactivity. It is recommended to shut off the water supply to the Filter System before your departure for an extended period.


Can I continue to use my filter past the expiry date?

The carbon inside most water filter cartridges will reach saturation over time and the effectiveness and efficiency of your filter system will be significantly reduced.

In addition, as the cartridges hold the contaminants, when they reach saturation, these contaminants may be reintroduced into your drinking water. To avoid saturation, we highly recommend replacing or maintaining your filter cartridge within the time periods specified.

Replacement cartridges can be sent to you for self-installation or alternatively we can arrange for one of our technicians to attend your home or office.


Which water filtration system is best for me?

Choosing a system that best caters to your pure water needs can be a confusing task! That is where our professional experience and knowledge will be of great help. We listen to your specific needs and tailor a solution to ensure you are receiving maximum health benefits and value for money.


I can buy cheap filters and purifiers from special promotions on TV or in shopping centres or markets. Are they different to yours?

In most cases, yes. Even though many customers cannot tell the difference between different brands, there can be a substantial contrast in price and quality. Remember the saying, “You get what you pay for”.

In most cases, these cheap filters are lacking in any certified testing or quality or any personal back up.

At Pure Water on Tap, we have a bricks and mortar shop in the same area for over 20 years. We pride ourselves in selling certified and fully tested products that meet or surpass the AS/NZS/IS9002 and Australian Plumbing Standard MP52. In most cases our systems our built and tested here in Australia, if not produced by the industry leaders in the USA. In support of this, all our products come with a Warranty against manufacturing workmanship defects.


I was told that Reverse Osmosis removes even the “good” minerals in the water. Is this true?

There are no means to selectively remove only bad contaminants from your water supply. The health threats from the “bad things” are much greater than the nutritional value of “good things” so it is highly recommended to filter your drinking water supply. If this still concerns you, there are now options available to re-introduce healthy minerals to your water supply post filtration.


Is Fluoride safe to drink?

Water fluoridation is a public health intervention that continues to be a subject of debate. While many health organizations support it, many argue that this practice is inappropriate causing a range of ill health effects. Excessive exposure to fluoride is unnecessary and best avoided.


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